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Better Choices on-the-go and the Importance of Food Prep

*Disclaimer: I realize that unfortunately there are people in our community who may not have the resources available to them to have access to proper nutritious and helpful foods. There are also people who, although they have the financial capacity to acquire nutritious foods, may see food in general as a stressor or a trigger for unpleasant reactions or thoughts.

Please see this series as simply a guide to be observed as just that. You are not a failure if you cannot or do not make these suggestions a part of your life.

Simply continue to do the best that you can manage every day. That is enough.**

Eating on the go has become such a normalized thing and in some unfortunate cases a necessary thing. Our time is stretched so thin that the only moment we have to eat is while we are walking from one meeting to the next, when we're driving in our cars, or while working on the computer. More often than not the food made available to us for quick sustenance is not geared to overall nutritional value and benefit. It's meant only to satisfy hunger, and oftentimes create cravings for more food. Sandwiches with white bread high in sugar, chips or fries high in trans fats, and highly processed meats and cheeses that have ingredients we can't easily pronounce.

Thankfully as the years have gone on, there are slowly but surely more health-conscious options making their way into gas stations, convenience stores, cafes, and cafeterias. Yogurts, fruits, salads, brown bread sandwiches, and better beverages are all far better choices that we can try our best to make.

We all have heard the phrase "you are what you eat". And while there is truth to this statement, there is a more detailed and comprehensive way of looking at it. What we eat will affect our entire body. Our mind, just like our body can become fatigued and without the proper nourishment it will not be able to function to its true abilities. Not always, but oftentimes brain fog can be dramatically helped by remaining well hydrated and eating brain-supportive foods. If we feel some digestive problems arise after eating we may feel a slight headache, or even a bit tired. This is because we have a gut-brain connection. Our gut affects our brain and our brain affects our gut. So if we are stressed while we eat or are eating while hustling around, we will not be able to digest our food as well as we should.

So in these briefly explained ways you can see how we not only are what we eat but how we eat.

Finding and making the time to start prepping your food for when you will be out of the house is so important. Even though many of us are working from home these days it is still important to have s meal planned for your lunch and snack times. Being at home with our fridge and cupboard mere steps away makes it so easy to just graze or throw something together whenever you feel like it. But this presents a lot of opportunity for overeating because you are eating while distracted or even bored with work, and also poor, unbalanced meals.

Whether prepping for home. at work, or looking for food on the go, try to find ways to make your meal as colorful and balanced as possible. A tuna or egg salad sandwich with spinach on whole-wheat bread is a great example of something that is easy to make or often found in some cafes. Opting for the lunch pack with boiled eggs, apples, and cheese instead of the sausage breakfast sandwich. Getting a salad and a package of almonds instead of chips.

As I have said in previous posts, our food choices have a great effect on our mental health. And we know our mental health has a massive effect on our food choices. So whenever you can, start the pattern going in the right directions with food that will nourish you and your beautiful mind. It takes a fair bit of self-control at the beginning but as with anything new, with practice, you will find it becomes more of a habit and a default. And be sure to hold no guilt or shame against yourself if you just don't have the time or the ability to choose the better options or make meals at home. It's just good to have it in mind and gain more self-awareness. Keep drinking your water! Stay hydrated, healthy, and safe. -Angela

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