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Creating Good Habits and Limiting Craving's Power (Part III)

**Disclaimer: I realize that unfortunately there are people in our community who may not have the resources available to them to have access to proper nutritious and helpful foods. There are also people who, although they have the financial capacity to acquire nutritious foods, may see food in general as a stressor or a trigger for unpleasant reactions or thoughts.

Please see this series as simply a guide to be observed as just that. You are not a failure if you cannot or do not make these suggestions a part of your life.

Simply continue to do the best that you can manage every day. That is enough.

We all have cravings. They can be predictable and sometimes come out of nowhere. You might know that you're going to want some chocolate after that Zoom meeting, or you may find yourself standing in the kitchen eating peanut butter right out of the jar with a pickle in the other hand. Whatever the reason, there is no judgment - you are in a safe place here! In previous weeks we covered what I believe to be the top four reasons we may cave into our cravings;

  • Dehydration

  • Stress

  • Boredom

  • Pre-menstrual

Our bodies are very intelligent on their own. Our systems know what they need to function optimally and they send signals to our brains to ask for it. How we interpret those signals is usually what translates as cravings. What those cravings may actually be are deficiencies, either big or small. This is why is it a good practice to take a step back and really take a look at what you are putting in your body. Is what you are eating helping you? In the above chart, you have probably already found one or two cravings that apply to you. I myself go between four of those on a monthly basis. And when I catch myself in a craving spiral, it takes just a moment of self-control and self-awareness to realize " Oh yeah, I guess I haven't been eating very well this week, so my body must be lacking nutrients".

So which cravings do you see that you can relate to? Now look across to the ideas of what to add into your diet; are you lacking most or all of those? The suggestions that are listed are not the only possibilities but are some more common and easier food options to keep in mind when grocery shopping or preparing your meals/ snacks.

To wrap up this three-part mini-series on cravings, I want to reiterate the importance of staying hydrated and drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day. Even if you have a healthy diet that gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs, if you are dehydrated you could find yourself craving any of these foods or just food in general because your mind interprets your body's signal for thirst as hunger. Drinking water is so helpful for our minds and bodies in so many ways, so maybe make that your first step along the way to taking back the power over your cravings!

Until next time,

Wishing you health and peace,


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