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"Healthful" Holiday Habits

You and I both know that trying to ignore every delicious temptation over the holiday season is like trying to not pet a cute little puppy. It's gonna happen! So don't beat yourself up about it when you have a few cookies here and there at the office, indulge yourself a second helping of Christmas dinner, or go out for drinks more than you usually would.

Everything in balance. By acknowledging the temptations that are approaching and giving yourself permission to enjoy them... it takes away the unnecessary guilt that we can put on ourselves...which often leads to pity bingeing and shame-snacking.

So... this is a short and sweet (little pun? Maybe!) PSA for you!

Step 1: Acknowledge

Don't overthink the holiday parties, family dinners, or seasonal snacks readily available at every grocery store, gas station, and café. You know they're coming. You're ready for them! You're here for it! Bring awareness to the fact that you will probably eat a little more than you usually do... give in to sweets a bit easier...etc

Step 2: Accept

Accept the changes that will happen! You might break out, you might get a little fluffier, and you might have some brain fog or sugar hang overs (or real hang overs!)'s a price we may have to pay but accept the cost and move on! Forgive yourself, love yourself, and laugh a little because you know you'd do it all over again!

Step 3: Action Plan

Having an after party plan will also help with avoiding the nasty creepy guilt that gets the better of even the strongest of us! If things seem like they will start to settle down after New Years celebrations, then that can be your goal for getting back on track. You don't need to pick a date, just... January! Take it easy on yourself and enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

That's it! No deep wisdom. No avoidance tactics. No healthy substitutes.

Just love!

I'll be baking some treats that I don't normally have myself, but I do it for the nostalgia of the smell of my Mom's Christmas baking as she gets about a dozen trays of goodies ready for neighbors and friends! It's a wonderful warm and fuzzy memory that I cherish. So be kind to yourself, be kind to other, and be safe this coming Christmas season!

In health,


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