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Hello, Namaste, My name is Angela. Before I was able to speak life into Go With Goals, I spent years searching my heart for how I wanted to go about offering my services and time to the world. To you. I wanted to be sure that what I offered would truly add value to others' lives and enrich their experience day-to-day.

I traveled to India to learn about Ayurvedic Nutrition and become a Yoga Instructor, and I have a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition from Pacific Rim College where I learned more about how we can heal our body with food.

With the institutions and paper aside, I have had so much life experience that has made me who I am today and have given me insight into myself and my purpose to help heal others. I may be beginning my life's work a little later than I had planned, but I believe it is perfectly aligned with when the universe meant for me to be heard. I do not have any fancy letters before or after my name. But I do have more than a lifetime of experiences both good and bad. I have had the great blessing to travel as much as I have, and learn from people all over this wonderful Mother Earth. As the days go by, I will write about my experiences bit by bit so that if you choose to work with me in whatever aspect, that you feel you know me, and that way we can do some truly beautiful, honest work.

You may not resonate with all that I say, but my hope in being so open and vulnerable with you is that you feel comfortable sharing with me some of your more vulnerable thoughts and goals.

We can do some beautiful work, and I look forward to meeting you.

Namaste; I see you and bow to you. Shanti; peace to you -Angela

© 2021 Go With Goals

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