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Mental Health Awareness Month

October is here and there may be some mixed feelings about it.

Perhaps the passing of time has caught you off guard - it was, after all, a strange summer of minimal outings, smaller (if any) gatherings, and constant reminders of these uncertain times.

Then for others, the changing of seasons may bring in a changing of spirits and minds alike. With nature’s gentle reminder that some change can be good, we may have adopted a “change what I can, accept what I cannot” way of thinking.

But alas, I fear that all too many of us will find ourselves far from the latter thought, and consumed by the darkness that steals our days and the cold that chills our nights.

Autumn and Winter have proven year after year to be a more difficult time for people with mental illnesses and mental health concerns.

So I find it very fitting that October was deemed Mental Health Awareness Month in Canada. I appreciate that Canadians have been encouraged to see more than just the person, but also have compassion for what we do not know. Knowing that it is often easier to see a physical illness than a mental illness. We all have something we are struggling with, but some may be able to sort it out sooner, have stronger support systems, or simply the confidence that they will overcome.

This year has not only come with its own array of challenges faced by the whole world but also put more strain and pressure where we were already weak. Which is why this may be the most important Mental Health Awareness Month we have for years to come. We are coming out of a tsunami of uncertainty and reports say there may be another wave soon enough.

So if you need help, please reach out. Taking even the smallest of steps can be life-saving.

Now is not the time to be proud. If you’re one that people look up to as someone who’s ‘got-it-together’, then continue to be an example by saying it’s ok not to be ok.

It’s ok to need help.

Do you have an estranged friend who has been distant for a while? Give them a nudge. Them not talking to you is not about you.

I encourage you to take a moment to and fill out this short Mental Health Meter provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association to honestly and transparently check-in with yourself.

When you are done, talk to your friends or loved ones about where you are at, and if you are weathering this season on your own, please go to our resource page to find any of the amazing services available that may suit you.

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.


© 2020 Go With Goals

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