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Quick Tips: Running in Winter

Running in the winter means different things depending on where you live. But what is universal is planning your layers! I'm from a rural town in Northern Ontario and running in the winter meant trudging through the snow, hobbling over the gravel and salt-ridden road, and doing everything you could to avoid the burning stabbing feeling in your lungs ad you inhaled the cold dry air. Now that I'm in the Pacific Northwest it means rain, rain, rain, and even more rain. So the end result is different but the preparation is the same. The need to consider the length and effort of the run, how my heat you'll produce, how cold/wet/windy it is... and so on. So I'm going to try to provide some helpful things to consider no matter what your winter looks like, and hopefully, at least one thing will make you go "Ah, yes... THAT!" 1. Road/Path/Weather Conditions What will you be running on? Will your route be full of puddles or flooded? Is there hardened snow with the potential for ice? Planning your route is nothing new to the seasoned runner but sometimes our experience makes us a little nonchalant when it comes to this detail. Even if you've run the route dozens of times, always think about what the weather has been doing for the last day or so, take a peek out your window, and look up any information if there are park/trail updates.

2. Layer Up Properly

Windy? Rainy? Snowy? Just a few factors to consider before heading out the door. As well as the type of run - will it be an easy run or more of a workout FARTLEK/ tempo run? That will affect how much heat you produce and the layers you should choose. For rain its good to wear a thin waterproof jacket or at least water-resistant, and then you can have a long sleeve or a t-shirt underneath depending on the intensity of the workout, and for snow - a long sleeve shirt and a vest or doubling up the base layer with another long sleeve or a t-shirt is great. My hand and ears always get cold so I always have a headband and gloves on as well! Having a stash of long tights with varying thicknesses is key and will really the ease of planning your run!

3. Don't Dilly Dally!

Once you're out, get going! Don't do your standing stretches outside, do that inside and only do your dynamic pre-workout stuff outside if you don't do it all before heading out your door. Same thing for when you are finishing up as well; you're sweaty and once you stop that sweat will start cooling real fast and won't do you or your muscles any favors so get back inside or in your car with the heater on and change into warm, dry clothes as soon as you can

There you have it, just some quickies that I am sure you've heard before but absolutely need to hear again! No excuses now!

So have fun, and be safe!

In health,


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